After years of being the go-to-guy in the office for spelling checks etc, I decided to try it professionally and so part of Isthmus Consulting’s remit is a reliable and affordable proofreading service.

Drawing on my background, I specialise in financial, accounting and mathematical texts, but I am happy to proofread any manner of printed material – programmes, CVs, essays, dissertations, theses, leaflets, promotional materials – in any subject areas. I am keen to work with local people and organisations.

I offer a range of services: a simple spelling, punctuation and grammar check up to a full check for consistency, formatting and suggested re-wordings/edits. I can help you develop a house style and ‘tone of voice’ for your promotional materials. It’s not just about spotting errors, it’s about making sure the work is the best it can be.

I am an Intermediate Member of the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders.

Please feel to contact me  to discuss any proofreading needs.

Please see below some testimonials of my work.

It’s hard enough to write copy for your website, but it is even harder to spot your own mistakes – especially (strangely) those in the headlines, so I knew that I had to let someone else cast their eye over what I had written to spot typos and spelling mistakes, for which – after I had spent some time thinking about the copy and typing it up – I knew I was going to be blind. Also, I am not a native speaker of English, so I definitely needed someone to check. Luckily I found Matt. It is quite daunting to ask someone to ‘critique’ your work, so to speak, but Matt is very quick, extremely professional and kind. Of course, I had made mistakes and, of course, he spotted them and also clarified some grammatical puzzles for me along the way that I had never grasped before. I can highly recommend working with Matt – even if you are a native speaker.

Melanie Ryan, Nutritionist.

I highly recommend Matt Pinnock from Isthmus Consulting who recently proofread a blog of mine. Matt was able to deliver the document within the time specified and provided some excellent suggestions for what would come across more professional. I can’t recommend him enough and would definitely use him again for future work.

Lisa Mackerness, Milestones Virtual Assistant.

By recommendation, I used Matt at Isthmus Consulting for help in professionally proofreading my dissertation in mental health studies. It was a relief that I could rely on Matt to correct any mistakes which I missed during the writing process, when I was in the thick of it. Turnaround time was surprisingly fast. It was also very helpful that Matt made himself available to dialogue with me over any additional amendments I made after his initial input. I would highly recommend Matt.

Anne, Essex University

We have been working with Matthew now for the last two months and really appreciate his insight and knowledge in developing work for us, with an outstanding knowledge of information to help develop our work and training work.

Very time efficient and manages our workloads, meeting all targets.

Looking forward to keeping working with Matthew with our new adventures.”

Helen Palmer, Kinect Services.