After years of being the go-to-guy in the office for spelling checks etc, I decided to try it professionally and so part of Isthmus Consulting’s remit is a reliable and affordable proofreading service.

Drawing on my background, I specialise in financial, accounting and mathematical texts, but I am happy to proofread any manner of printed material – programmes, CVs, essays, dissertations, theses, leaflets, promotional materials – in any subject areas. I am keen to work with local people and organisations.

I offer a range of services: a simple spelling, punctuation and grammar check up to a full check for consistency, formatting and suggested re-wordings/edits. I can help you develop a house style and ‘tone of voice’ for your promotional materials.

I am a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

Please feel to contact me  to discuss any proofreading needs.

Please see below some testimonials of my work.

As a busy Churchwarden for a large church, I often have to publish notices, letters and guide books. Matthew Pinnock’s proofreading services have proved to be a great time and reputation saver. He ensures my projects are presentable, and correct in grammar and punctuation. Thanks for a great service.

Keith Turner, Churchwarden, St Mary’s Church, Prittlewell.