January 2019

And so, quick as a flash, not only is 2019 upon me but February lurks around the corner. My New Year’s resolution was to push the business a little more.  So, I started networking (Southend Peers), had leaflets printed, looked into some adverts and decided to keep an online presence with this blog. I felt a blog would fit in nicely: a monthly reminder to myself that people will only know about Isthmus Consulting if I tell them about it!

Since this is my first blog, why not introduce myself a little?

Towards the end of my degree, I went to Careers Advice who bluntly told me that a maths graduate had a career choice between teacher and accountant (I know, now, how wrong that is!). Being the son of teachers, I felt teaching was not for me and so started looking into graduate accountancy schemes. I ended up on a trainee scheme with an inner London borough council, with an horrendous commute into and out the other end of London. I worked there for around six years, gaining experience of audit, corporate accounts, budgeting, counter fraud and obtaining Chartered Public Finance Accountant status. The commute really started to take its toll and so I got a similar job nearer home.

After a further four years, I had grown tired of sitting in front of a spreadsheet and took the opportunity to move into training (becoming a teacher!) at my old accountancy college. There I have delivered face-to-face training (UK and abroad), online training, one-to-one tutorials, authored exam papers and reviewed and edited workbooks.

In 2017, for various reasons, I went part-time. At the same time I established Isthmus Consulting to provide some extra income and to develop a potential next step in my career – to be fully freelance – while having the safety net of a paid position.

The services provided by Isthmus Consulting may seem eclectic, so here are my thoughts.

Why proofreading?

I decided to focus on proofreading since I have always had a good eye for English and felt I could combine that with my financial knowledge to provide a proofreading service specialising in financial and accountancy texts. This has helped me gain some interesting work early on, but it became clear that, for consistent levels of work, I would need to look for other clients. As such, I am currently trying to establish some clients, not only local authors but within local businesses/charities – to help with their promotional material, reports, webpages – and the local university – to help with essays, CVs and theses.

Why independent examination?

In the past, I have volunteered with charities and it was clear that Trustees did not always recognise their financial obligations, or lacked a source of advice on financial matters. Drawing on my experience I hope to provide independent examination (a softer form of auditing) to local charities and other organisations, to help them improve their financial reporting.

Why training/tutoring?

This is a natural extension of my employment – hoping to work with local students to help them in their accountancy and/or business studies courses.

Why authoring?

Another natural extension, which dovetails nicely with proofreading. Indeed, I have obtained work authoring content as a direct result of my proofreading.

Isthmus Consulting can help bridge your gap in these areas – if you feel I could help then please get in touch for a no obligation consultation! And, please do keep reading the blog!

Kindly proofread by Janice Gilbert, WordperfectVA


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